TRT Custom Type

TRT is Turkey’s national public broadcasting network with 14 TV channels and radio stations. The network required a custom corporate typeface to use as the unifying voice across its different channels’ logos and communications.

The brief was to create a type family based on the current logo of TRT. This family needed to appeal to a wide audience and be suitable for a diverse range of content throughout the network’s TV channels. The result is a geometric sans-serif family designed from the two letters of TRT logo with matching traits and proportions. The family includes four weights, each with its own oblique. 

The typeface was introduced in 2020 with a new slogan for the network, “Özü Sözü İnsan”, and a major advertising campaign. The family is also exclusively used as the primary typeface for TRT Haber’s new identity, the news channel of the network, including the channel logotype, idents, the screen interface and the graphics.

Commissioned by: TBWA / Istanbul
Design Director: Özge Güven

The full character set supports western and central European Latin languages. Language extension, spacing and kerning optimization is provided by Onur Yazıcıgil.